Why are you doing this?


My life got upended in a big way in January of 2013 and after many days of figuring what to do next a cross country bicycle trip seemed like a good way to combine my love of cycling, meeting people and seeing the country. I am also looking for a new place to live and what better way to get some ideas then to visit as many places as possible.


Are you travelling with anyone else?


No. This is a solo adventure. I want the flexibility of being able to stop or go on a whim and also the solitude to process my thoughts and feelings arising from the divorce.


How are you able to take so much time off?


I’m a freelance video editor. Working is a matter of having a project to work on and if I ‘m not contracted to work than I am free to do as I please.


Are you rich?


Nope. I live a relatively simple life. The bulk of my possessions are in a 4×8 storage unit in NYC and the rest are on my bicycle. After setting up house more times than I care to remember it’s nice not to have to worry about possessions. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of what I have is temporary. I am enjoying the freedom of simplicity.


Do you have a link so that I can donate to your trip?


Nope. My trip is mostly self-funded. After being in a marriage where I was largely supported by my wife’s salary I felt it was important to pay my own way for that which I wanted to do.

Of course I have run across many generous people that have offered up a bed or patch of grass to sleep on (I have a tent), bought me a meal or given me something that would be useful for my trip. A big thanks to all those that have offered their kindness and support.


The biggest way people who are reading this could help me is by commenting on my blog. Agree, disagree, share what you know or what I should do in the areas that I am in.


Aren’t you afraid that you will get run over by a car or truck?


Not really.


Anytime I ride my bicycle around driver I am opening my self up to the possibility of being seriously injured or killed. I have taken many steps to minimize risk – bright yellow/reflective, trailer and panniers, ride mostly during the day, and with lights when dark. I wear my insurance/medical and contact info on dog tags around my neck. I have first aide and blood clotting stuff that is easily accessible and I learn as much as possible about the road conditions I will be encountering before I get there.


Of the tens of thousands of cars and trucks that have passed me no one has tried to run me off the road or thrown anything at me. Over 4,000 + miles around 20 drivers have cursed me out – mostly young people.


Are you packing a gun?


Nope. I though seriously about it for a few months before my trip, but in the end decided it was more trouble than it was worth. By and large people are good. I don’ t look for trouble and it rarely finds me. I’m also don’t feel I have anything that I would be interested in killing someone to protect.


I do have a can of mace for dogs or in case I really feel I am in mortal danger. While a few dogs have chased me I have never been menaced or thought I needed to pull out the mace.


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  1. michnus Avatar

    Happy to have met you today Adam! Thanks for the chat and the advice on the video clips. Hope you have a really cool trip to the West coast!

    Will follow your adventures!

    Michnus & Elsebie

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