Day 003 – New Hope, PA

I’m just outside New Hope, PA at a closed Boy Scout campground waiting for the sun to set so I can pitch my tent less conspicuously. My Couchsurfing and Warmshower requests didn’t work out so this is plan B.

When I got to town I was looking for an Asian place to get some rice for a repeat of my rice and sardine lunch. I ended up running into Jamie, Warmshower host, outside the restaurant. She is also taking off on a bike trip in a few days and was leaving town tonight so couldn’t host me. She is touring with her boyfriend and little poodle. It was nice to meet her and swap some touring knowledge.

I road 69 miles over 8 hours including breaks for an average speed of 8.4 miles per hour. It would be great to keep it between 8 and 10 for planning purposes. My legs felt better than on Sunday. I think the lower temp and electrolyte powder I started adding to my water really helped.

I’m fighting a little cold, but it should pass in a few days so I’m not too worried.






9 responses to “Day 003 – New Hope, PA”

  1. Jamie Avatar

    Hey Adam! So nice to run into you today in New Hope! I’m looking forward to following your adventures. Rogue camping is one of my favorite ways to go 😉 Feel better soon and thanks for the advice!

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Great running into you too. Your dog is adorable. Makes me jealous that I couldn’t bring mine along or my cat for that matter. Good luck on your trip. I’ll be following along.

  2. Penny Avatar

    Thanks for the progress update., you are making good time. Hope you find that warm shower tomorrow.

  3. steve Avatar

    The entire state of NJ and most of the Eastern seaboard is praying you get that warm shower! Great to see you put so many miles together though! Keep on keeping on!

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Are you saying that I smell?

  4. Dan Avatar

    “at a closed Boy Scout campground waiting for the sun to set so I can pitch my tent less conspicuously”…


    1. adampomata Avatar

      Ah Dan. Always bringing the torrid to the party 🙂 Funny side note. As I am biking up the camp I see a guy on a mountain bike and ask him if he knows anything about the camp. He didn’t, but said I should stay for Pride Weekend as he was eyeing my legs. I said I had to move on in the morning and he said he understood. For then next hour he kept circling around me on his bike. Luckily he read my – I’m not interested body language and left.

  5. Khan Avatar

    To shake it up, I suggest fried rice w spam!

    1. adampomata Avatar

      I like that idea. I’ll try that out, but not sure how good it will taste cold. I’ll have to wait until I am at a camp fire and roast it up on a stick.