Day 074 – Long Key > Key West, FL

I made it, I made it, I made it!

After 2,195 miles, 3 flats, 2 tires, 2 pairs of gloves and 1 chain I rolled into town a little after 7 PM.

I have to admit it wasn’t the feeling of big accomplishment I thought it would be. You know I was kind of expecting there to be (in my head) red carpet, horns blaring and fireworks in the sky. Instead it was more of a, well, I’m here it says so on the sign. I was actually two hot to stop and take a picture of the sign that was across two lanes of traffic. I’ll have to get it on another day.

I found my way to Sara’s house, about two miles form the main downtown area, in a nice looking residential area. She was there to greet me with a glass of ice water and the glorious feel of AC 🙂

After taking my warm shower and changing we rode over to a restaurant for dinner and I got a chance to meet some of her friends and have a delicious meal at a place called Camille’s Restaurant (you should go). While most of my dinner companions were having the all you can eat Alaskan Snow Crab Legs, that looked really good, I had to be eating something local and tried the local Pink Shrimp for an app and the local Yellowtail Snapper for my main, delicious.

I was pretty dead by time we got back to Sara’s place and crashed. She let me have her bedroom with the Kingsize bed while she took a mattress in the living room. I tried talking her out it, but to no avail. Thanks Sara!