Day 005 – Mount Joy, PA

Rain! It wasn’t supposed to start until Friday I thought. Oh well,  the tent doesn’t leak. I left my clothes out last night to dry them out from all my road funk. Now they are inside the porch of my tent on my folding chair, which I also left out last night, drying – kind of.

The sun is supposed to come out at 10 am. Hopefully it will dry out the tent enough to pack it up by noon and get on the road. If not it will give me more time to hang out here and try and get some video editing done. It takes the longest so even though I am shooting stuff I am not finding time to put it together and upload it. I also have to be careful of batteries since I’m not always near power.

At the moment I’m focusing on writing and photos so I don’t forget what has happened during the previous day.

I got a response from from Al Bundy so I got a place to stay in Mt. Joy, PA tonight. We share a love of cycling and world travel so I am looking forward to meeting up and exchanging stories. It’s about a 50 mile ride according to the map and I’m leaving at 2 PM so it means I really have to ride fast to beat the big rain storm that is supposed to hit the area around 8 PM.

A few miles out of French Creek State Park and a group of cows stampeded across a field to stand at attention in front of me (see picture). I naturally thanked them all for coming to the meeting and said how impressed I was by there milk production and general high moral. They seemed pleased as they listened while munching on grass.

I stopped in Bowmansville for a liquid lunch. I don’t endorse drinking and riding, but I have to admit the cold beer ($2!) tasted good and the carbs were put to good use.  I parked my bike out front and walked in and said hello to the first two guys I saw sitting at the bar and got no response.  Luckily Charlie (see picture) was sitting at the inside corner of the bar and got to talking about the Florida Keys – he likes to go fishing at Marathon Key.

I rolled into town at 8PM and was greeted by Alan and his wife Laurie. After a hot shower they took me out to Mosby’s Pub for dinner. Fabulous hosts with more details tomorrow when I’m more awake.







7 responses to “Day 005 – Mount Joy, PA”

  1. Penny Avatar

    Hope the sun came out and you were able to hit the road.

  2. Raji Avatar

    Hey buddy, I hope your cold was manageable and didn’t put you under too much. I feel bad that you left some of your stuff behind here. Hopefully you haven’t needed it up to this point. If you know you are gonna stop somewhere a couple of days in advance, let me know and I can have it over nighted to you. Also, if you need to send anything back, you can always send it to our address and I’ll hold onto it until you need it sent back.

    Looking forward to your next video to see all the beautiful scenery and paths you’ve been taking. I’m praying for you buddy. Reach out if you need anything.

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Thanks again to you and Kavita for hosting me. It was great having another day to hang out. The cold is lessening everyday and I hardly notice it while riding. Thanks for offering to take my stuff. Still deciding on exactly what to do with my load. I hope to finally get to more video editing tomorrow. The footage it starting to pile up.

  3. Dan Avatar

    Tent editing… That’s kinda cool.

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Tent editing it the wave of the future. The fresh air invigorates the process.

  4. Amy Avatar

    Moooooooo! LOVE the bovine club! Hope you are doing well! Suki misses you. So do we. xo

    1. adampomata Avatar

      If only I could find a cow small enough to put on the bike. Miss you guys too.