Day 013 – WA DC – Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

Just my luck. I was riding down to the reflecting pool past the White House and just as I turned onto Pennsylvania Avenue I saw two decoy helicopters fly overhead and then saw Marine 1 just setting down, but wasn’t quick enough to get my iPhone out to take a picture. The President was just returning from a trip to Chicago. I need to strap a camera to my head (no I’m not getting Google Glass).

I set-up my traveling edit suite complete with solar charger, snacks and the best folding camping chair on the planet and spent a couple hours putting together a video of my second day – hanging out with Raji and Kavita’s daughter Riya. It will take a bit to get used to working in the sun on such a small screen, but it sure is nice to soak up the ambience while being productive.

I really like the vibe of WA DC and seeing the tourist enjoying themselves along with the locals getting in a run or an outdoor lunch break. A warm day and the sun does make everything seem better.

After posting the video I road my bike behind the Lincoln Memorial to the Arlington Memorial Bridge then over to the other side of the Potomac along the Mount Vernon Path past Roosevelt Island (nice hiking trails)  and back over Francis Scott Key Bridge to Georgetown to pick-up some gourmet olive oil for Tina. Part of being a good guest is always asking what you can do to make your host’s life easier 🙂

Tina is huge foodie so while I’m here I’m eating very well – last night we cooked up lamb chops accompanied by mushroom stuffed pasta topped by homemade pesto sauce – yum, yum! Tonight we sat outside gorging ourselves on spicy Ethiopian food. And yes her fridge is stuffed with cheese!






6 responses to “Day 013 – WA DC – Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool”

  1. Penny Avatar

    Saw your video. Riya is a cutie. Sounds like the meals with your hosts makes up for your sardine diet on the road.

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Don’t underestimate the sardine rice diet and/or the sardine and cracker diet. Good carbs and protein 🙂 I’ve down to 8 cans!

  2. Raji Avatar

    Hey buddy. You must’ve made quite an impression of Riya because the other day she asked where you were and if you can stay forever. She also says your body is too big for her playhouse.

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Awww. That’s sweet. I had a good time playing with her. Does she liked the edited video?

  3. Tina Avatar

    Hey! Thinking of you at the soft opening of the wine bar in my building!

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Great to hear from you. Have you bbqed up on your rooftop again?