Day 014 – WA DC – Great Falls State Park

For the start of Memorial Day Weekend Tina decided we should see Great Falls State Park on the Potomac River. We stopped by Eden Center (a huge Vietnamese shopping center) on the way and got some Banh Mi (sandwiches) for lunch. I also couldn’t resist getting some spicy dried squid and sausage and egg bun. I love Vietnamese food!

Great Falls are rated as class 5-6 rapids, but that doesn’t discourage kayakers from testing their skills. We didn’t see any while we were there, but found a rock outcropping that had perfect butt rests carved into it by the river and made for a nice place to eat. The water level gets has gotten high enough to completely submerge the falls on several occasions.

There were plenty of people with their kids and dogs, picnicking and bbqing. There are also lots of hiking tails on both sides of the river, but no bridge connecting it within the park. If you are into scrambling over rocks, check out the Maryland side for a moderately challenging trail.

On the way home we stopped by REI so I could get some more causal cycling clothes. I brought three pairs of bike shorts, but found I didn’t really like wearing the spandex pair or the two cycling jerseys. They also don’t make for very good about town clothing so I got a pair of dressier black bike shorts and a green and plaid button down cycling shirt.

That night we had wine, cheese and charcuterie on Tina’s rooftop and got to see the tail end of the sunset and the glowing DC skyline. She lives in a kick ass building. Tomorrow we will be bbqing up there with some of her friends.