Day 029 – Wilmington, NC > Southport, NC

After not much sleep we headed out to Wrightsville Beach in hopes of finding a breakfast place with a view of the beach. It turns out there are not that many places to eat breakfast there. As in one, in a hotel that we didn’t feel like going to. It was hot and we were really hungry and feeling grumpy so we didn’t even step foot on the beach, but I’m guessing it was a bunch of sand that ended in water. Matt turned the car back towards where we were the night before and we found a great place called Dixie Grill.  The food and service was excellent and our waitress had fabulous leg tattoos and a bit of a limp from too much weight training the day before. My kind of woman, Matt’s too I think 🙂

Our time together was much too quick mate. It was great seeing you and having a chance to catch up face to face. Thanks for bringing me the fresh fruit and other provisions. I ate two of the nectarines when I stopped at a small park on Cape Fear River (pic).

The rest of the ride along Kure Beach to the Fort Fisher ferry terminal was pleasant. I was really tempted to stop and jump in the ocean for a swim, but thought I probably wouldn’t of gotten back on my bike so kept pushing. As I was riding up to the ferry I noticed the schedule on a board and saw I had 3 minutes to get on the boat. As I was riding up to the ticket booth there was a line of cars, but a guy standing outside waved me to the front and quickly took my money so I could get to the boat. They were just about to pull up the ramp so I threw the change into my bag and raced towards it. My change started flying out of my bag and landed on the ramp and one of the crew (pic) started chasing two $1 dollar bills as they blew around. He managed to get one of them. I told him he could keep it for his efforts, but he gave it back to me. Thanks!

I spent the 30 minute ride massaging my legs. They were feeling a bit achy today. I am tempted to get a massage. A very painful deep massage. Or if I could just find one of those foam rollers that would do wonders.

On the other side I rode a few miles into Southport and felt like I hit a wall. It has only been 40 miles, but I think the good time I had with Matt the night before and riding with my shirt off was taking its toll.I managed to get most of my back covered in sun screen but it was now apparent that upper part on the right had a patch that I missed and I was feeling it. It was 4 pm and I didn’t feel like riding to a camp ground or trying to find a home stay (feel like being alone) so I paid $100 to stay in a hotel just down the street. Once I took a shower and laid down I didn’t get back up. I watched a few movies on my laptop and went to sleep with the AC on full to cool off my very warm back.

I think day 29 marks the first time that I’m feeling the grind of riding a lot of miles with a big load and the novelty of bike touring is rubbing off a bit. It’s not unexpected and I knew there would be an ebb and flow to things. This just happens to be the first minor ebb.