Day 038 – Givhans Ferry State Park, SC > Yemassee, SC

I went to bed last night concerned that my clothes wouldn’t dry because it was still really humid from the thunderstorm. Luckily the sun came out in brilliant fashion and started working on getting my clothes dry – thanks sun.  It’s fitting that the parks land was donated by city of Charleston in 1934 since that is where I just came from. The park got its name from Phillip Givhan a ferry master on the Edisto River, which the park borders, in the late 1700s. Way to be immortalized Phillip. The Edisto River is unique in that it is the longest free flowing black water river in North America at 250 miles. A black water river gets its color by slowly moving through forested swamp or wetlands. The decaying vegetation leaches out tannins that darken the water to that of tea. I was leery of going in at first because the water was dark (pic) and not like any river I’d experienced before, but then I saw a large group of youngins (college age) getting ready for a trip down on their inflatables and thought it couldn’t be that dangerous so I ventured forth.

The point of entry was behind the rangers office and next to a group of guys building a new boat ramp (much to the dismay of the local store owner that thought it was cutting into his business) in addition to a beautiful sandy beach area held back by a wall of large river rock. I clambered over the stones and was pleasantly surprised by how warm and refreshing the water was – it didn’t smell swampy, the bottom was sandy and the current was strong, but slow moving. I watched the group of 20 or so rafters slowly make their way down the river along with a large American flag in case anyone was questioning their country of origin. I probably would have used my hand holding capacity for beer, but I’m guessing the flag was passed around. Someone said it was about a 3-4 mile trip to the boat launch they would be getting out at. What a great way to spend the day. It reminded me of the fun times I spent with my family going down the Green River in Washington State.

When I left the campground I was still on the fence about whether or not to go to Savannah. The bicycle map had me going all the way to Statesboro, GA and then taking a spur into town, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I decided to at least cycle to Yemassee, SC and then decide what to do from there since it was at the intersection of 17, which I’ve learned could be a tolerable way to get to Savannah now that I was past Charleston.

I’m staying in a hotel tonight to take advantage of the AC. The trip is only going to be getting hotter and hotter from here on out so I might as well get some descent sleep.










7 responses to “Day 038 – Givhans Ferry State Park, SC > Yemassee, SC”

  1. Penny Avatar

    We are enjoying reading about the areas through which you are biking . Wonderful pictures too. Hope you enjoy Savannah as much as Dad and I did.

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Glad you are liking my posts. I’m off to Savannah right after I type this to you. It sure was nice having a down day in AC. Also gave me a chance to catch up on the blog, plan travel and do laundry.

  2. Alan Bundy Avatar
    Alan Bundy

    Laurie and I had our honeymoon in Savannah, and named our daughter after the place. So it’s a special place for us. I was reading your posts to Laurie. We’re enjoying your journey.

    1. adampomata Avatar

      What a great way to get the name for your daughter. How many days did you spend there? What did you do besides celebrate being married?

  3. Alan Bundy Avatar

    We spent the week in Savannah at 2 different places. In this large victorian home in town and along the waterfront the end of our stay. Its been many years, (1990) but one place I really remember was this restaurant called Sebastian’s. It isn’t there anymore, but it was small and one of those expensive places but the food was superb and the waiter memorized our order. We walked the water front and drove out to the fort. Is it Fort Polaski? Walked among the fountains and viewed the incredible scenery the churches and history of the place. Oh, and of course we took a romantic horse carriage ride…

    We’ve been back 2 or more times since, and always think of Savannah as a special place…Our daughter was named because of our love for it.

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Sounds like a nice trip. Fort Polaski looks like a giant chevron.

  4. Alan Bundy Avatar

    Last time we visited they were doing a re-enactment in period dress. They had a film crew there and I got some of it on my Cannon XL-1. Then of course we heard the usual things like the cannons go off and shooting of rifles. A fun day…