Day 040 – Garden City, GA

I wrote in my last post that I was in Savannah because I was a mile away and it sounded satisfying, but I’m actually staying in Garden City at a nice, cheap Motel recovering for the day. The many nights of hot tent sleeping have caught up to me. I got up at 4 to do laundry and get some dinner before going back to bed. It felt wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing Savannah tomorrow on a full battery 🙂






2 responses to “Day 040 – Garden City, GA”

  1. Darleen & Terry Avatar
    Darleen & Terry

    Adam, glad our paths crossed in Savannah at the Smooth cafe. We enjoying talking with you although we were short on time. We will be following your ride as you NEVER know what is around the next corner! All the Best to you, Terry and Darleen

    1. adampomata Avatar

      So am I. Great meeting you guys. You seem so happy.