Day 067 – Boca Raton, FL – New tire, stoner food and sleep

Not a lot happened today.

Brendan brought me to a bike shop so I could get a new tire and then out to lunch at a place called Munchiez that caters to the stoner set. Being close to Florida Atlantic University is a smart business decision. As you probably have guessed it features pictures of Bob Marley (pic) and many other marijuana culture references. I got the Cheech and Chong hoagie along with a huge basket of chili fries and I wasn’t even under the influence (at the time). At some point I will write a more in-depth post about weed and the current state of pot politics, but I am happy to see that Washington and Colorado have legalized it and it’s my feeling that the societal costs of doing so are less than what we are currently paying with it’s illegality.

While my cousin worked I spent a lot of the day sleeping as it stormed outside. I’m glad I decided to wait until tomorrow to ride to Miami.