Day 092 – Lakeland, FL – Finished Bruce White video from Day 017

Way back on Day 017 I stopped by Bruce and Vikki White’s place of work on my way from Fredericksburg to Ashland and shot video of how they bagged their mulch, Bruce explaining the cross country Boy Scout trip he was leaving for on June 8th and some snakes he had in his office.

The video is done. It was all shot on my iPhone so the sound quality sucks, but hopefully I’ve cleaned it up enough for you to be able to understand what is going on. Be sure to check out the blog this is being updated about their ride. As of this writing they are near Damascus, VA and will be completing the ride this coming Friday, August 15th.

They are also on Facebook.

Alan, I haven’t forgotten about you and the budgies and will be putting that video together next.