Day 096 – Lakeland, FL – Finished Day 006 – Alan Bundy video

On Day 006 I was staying with Alan Bundy in Mt Joy, PA and shot some footage of him showing me his budgies. It was the first time I had gotten out the video camera out and I was excited to be using it. The project has been hanging over my head for a long time so I’m pleased to have it done. I wish I had shot some interview footage, but I still think the piece came out well.

There is a lot to raising and showing the birds that Alan told me about, but I didn’t want to go into information overload so I kept it brief and focused on the beauty of the birds.

I was really happy with how the GoPro footage came out in the introduction. I was using my older camera with a helmet attachment along with a microphone that was hooked up to my iPhone for better sound.

I’m planning to leave for Tampa on Tuesday and start the long journey West towards Los Angeles.

Stoping in Lakeland for two weeks has been a good investment of my time. I am feeling much more comfortable with both my video equipment and editing software. So I am in a much better place to actually get footage while on the road and put it together.

It’s going to be extremely challenging to pull it off consistently, but I figure the process of doing it will turn into the directive force for the rest of my trip and I’m not sure where that will lead me, but I’m excited to see.






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  1. Alan Bundy Avatar

    Thanks Adam, great job with the video. It was fun for to watch.