Day 124 Dothan, AL > Bonifay, AL

I had a great time meeting and spending time with Mark, Gwen and their dog Maddy. They set me up in the guest house that was once a run down garage that Mark converted into a one bedroom apartment for his mom – very nice space and a loving gesture on the part of Mark to taker care of her that way. Gwen stocked the fridge with so much food that even I couldn’t get through all of it, and this was in addition to  taking me out to eat or sharing home cooked meals with me. Southern hospitality indeed!

During my stay Mark took me out to see some of the buildings and municipal projects that he designed and built. He has had an architectural firm in town for the past 30 years and so his work is everywhere. Check out the pictures below. I really liked how he incorporated elements in his projects from material that were onsite originally – preserving some history and recycling at the same time.