Day 144 – Opelousas, LA

Sorry to my readers for increasingly neglecting my blog.

I’ve been in a lull for a few reasons, but I think largely because…

Traveling through Louisiana and coming face to face with the sheer size of the petrochemical infrastructure along the Mississippi is crushing.  And I’ve only seen a small portion of it. It’s hard to wrap my mind around the tens of millions of feet of shiny to painted to rusty pipes coursing full of all the fluids we as a nation depend on for our way of life. And that hundreds of thousands of people in the area depend on it for their way of life.

There is so much invested in our current petrochemical industry and technological improvements allow us to reveal and recover more everyday.  While an overwhelmingly large swath of the population either doesn’t care or refuses to listen to the growing body of evidence that proves HECC (human effected climate change) is degrading our world.

I’ll rally, but I’m bummed out 🙁