Day 150 – Navasota, TX

I am two days from Austin and I found out that I will be starting a video project this coming Monday through at least the first week in December. All I need to do now is sort out housing and take care of a few other administrative life things and I’ll be happily off the road for a little while.

I am still going to finish my trip to LA, but want to fill up the piggy bank and get a feel for Austin as it may be my new home once my trip is done. I also need to figure out my cycling gear. There are a lot of big hill climbs between Austin and LA and I’m not sure I want to struggle with my heavy load the way it is now.

While I am in Austin I will be back filling parts of this blog with stories about my trip that I wasn’t able to get to on the road. There are 3 video piece in particular I need to get sorted out as well as some writing on place like New Orleans and a few others.

I plan to continue updating this while I am in Austin. I have a lot of mental unpacking to do with all that I have experienced.

Thanks so much for following me along so far on my trip. I hope you check in from time to time even when I am not on the road.







4 responses to “Day 150 – Navasota, TX”

  1. Penny Avatar

    Great picture of the moon. Enjoy your down time and the chance to re-energize yourself and your bank account.

  2. ksr Avatar

    Maybe it’s because I spend a lot of time looking at screens, but this moon clip looks like graphics!

  3. Mathew Avatar

    Yo bud I’ll be in Austin with Raji from Oct 22nd until Oct 26th.

  4. Paul VanDyck Avatar

    Grait moon pic. Good luck on the ride to LA, in joy your down time here in Austin.