Getting to know Austin

I plan on being in Austin until at least the end of the year so I am going to stop with the day numbering until I am actually back on my cross country trip again or maybe I’ll start it over again.

I met with Chad at Meglomedia and it looks like it will be nice place to work. It’s a 5 mile downhill ride from Chris’s place right across the street from Butler Park and the Colorado River. I start on Monday.

This was the first day of the second weekend for Austin City Limits Music Festival so the area around the office was packed with people streaming to Zilker Park to see all the bands. It was nice to see the street crowded with pedicabs and I took pictures of the thousands of bicycles that festival goers road to the park.

There is a lot of cycling infrastructure around town and some nice paths that go along both sides of the river. I’m looking forward to getting to know the bicycle scene while I’m here.






2 responses to “Getting to know Austin”

  1. Hongkongwillie Avatar

    Looks like all is good. New adventure for this time in travels. Hongkongwillie,(joe)

  2. Carol Frontera Avatar
    Carol Frontera

    Very cool. So you’re staying in Texas??