The Journey Begins Again on April 1st

After spending 174 days in Austin I will be getting back on my bicycle to continue my journey to Los Angeles. I am looking forward to the drier air of the South West and the beautiful red, orange and yellows of the dessert landscape. Of course I am also very much looking forward to all of the people I am going to meet along the way.

I’ve been checking through my gear and the household items I bought in Austin to figure out what to bring along, what to give away and what to send forward for the end of my trip. I’m always surprised at how easy it is to accumulate stuff, but also thankful that I don’t really care all that much about getting rid of it again. I view purchases as rentals.

My twenty week stint at Megalomedia has allowed me to refill my bank account and I was also able to fulfill the remaining financial obligations from my divorce settlement. I can now happily say that everything related to my past marriage is done with.

I’m also out of the long emotional shadow that my failed marriage has cast over me. I may think of it occasionally, but the visceral feelings of loss and failure are gone.

I will be following the Adventure Cycling Association Southern Tier Route from Austin to San Diego with some side trips along the way. Right now I am looking at Big Bend National Park in the SW corner of Texas on the Rio Grande River. It is both beautiful, very dry and with lots of elevation gain.








4 responses to “The Journey Begins Again on April 1st”

  1. Alan Bundy Avatar

    I’m happy to hear this Adam. Laurie says she loves your picture of lake travis. Keep rolling. I’ll be touring in Oregon in Sept. a 700 plus mile loop. You should head up the PCH…beautiful country.

    All the best

    Alan & Laurie

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Great to hear from you Alan. Have you guys been to Lake Travis? Glad to hear you are getting on the road again yourself. I think the Pacific Coast Highway would be a blast. It would be a nice way to visit my parents up in Maple Valley, WA.

  2. Alan Bundy Avatar

    We haven’t been to Lake Travis, but it looks like an amazing place. I totally forgot that you were from the NW…Maybe the coast is old hat to you. LOL We are still dealing with some cold weather up here. It has been 10° to 15° below normal this winter. I can’t wait to see how your trip goes. As always we’re behind you 100%.

    Take it easy

    Alan & Laurie

    1. adampomata Avatar

      I highly suggest anyone to come and visit Austin. Between the food, music and accessible natural beauty it is really a wonderful place to be. The only downside is the traffic resulting form so many people moving here. But if you ride a bicycle around town even that isn’t too big of a deal.

      Thanks for you support.