Day 347 – On the road again!

After spending 6 months and two weeks in Austin I am finally back on the road again. It was much easier leaving New York City, but at last I am on the road again. I’ve made a few changes to my set-up this time around in anticipation of Texas Hill Country. I swapped out my front crank set for smaller mountain bike gearing. That smallest gear should make it 10% easier to pedal up the hills. I’ve also switched to a smaller camera bag and sent a bunch of camera stuff that I never really used on to a friend in LA for safe keeping.

I rode 44 miles today to Pedernales Falls State Park and it felt like a real workout. Looks like it is going to be lots of hill and very little level riding for a while (sigh!). My legs are feeling beat-up so I may very well stay here another night.






2 responses to “Day 347 – On the road again!”

  1. Alan Bundy Avatar
    Alan Bundy

    I know how you feel, having been away from the bike for 5 months myself. You’ll adjust in no time. Its great to see you on the road again. You’ll love riding the west…

    1. adampomata Avatar

      I am already liking the drier air 🙂