Day 355 – Finding my creative power in Fredericksburg

This is my third day in Fredericksburg and I’m self blocking and annoyed with myself.  Between the lack of power and rainy weather in Enchanted Rock, I wasn’t able to get any postings together and I’m not happy about it. I don’t like having material piling up, which it all too often seems to do so I get frustrated with myself to the point of not wanting to do anything.


Luckily the motel I was staying at was comfortable and affordable so I opted to stay there a few days to edit – that would be the Day 350 and 351 postings. I have to keep reminding myself that a major focus of this trip is to make as many short documentary videos as possible, experimenting with various narrative styles and techniques of finding and recording subject matter.

I need to push myself to make as much content as physically possible without worrying how it will come out or what it looks like in order to grow. Failing = not doing, not what is done 🙂


I also think my computer is dying 🙁

The screen has been scrambling, my editing software has been crashing and an increasing number of random restarts.

Additionally, there are very few places to get a Mac fixed between here and Phoenix on the route I’m traveling. I may need to head back to Austin or San Antonio to get this sorted out 🙁