Day 369 – Dog Transport Business

Today Pounce and Gumdrop are on their way up to Washington state. Gumdrop is a beautiful dog, but mostly she played background in the pack so I didn’t get to know her very well. Pounce on the other hand is always right at your side with a ball in her mouth wanting for you to throw it. It’s fun the first 100 times, but since she ever stops it does get tiring. I shot some slow motion footage of her going after the ball that I’ll upload at some point.

Patricia and I drove them up to San Antonio to God’s Dogs dog rescue to meet up with the transport company. I’m kicking myself now for only brining a GoPro camera, but wasn’t in the mood to bring all of my gear. This is because I met Colen, the owner of PWB Transport (Paws Without Borders) and was really blown away by his beard. Not really, I mean he has a rockin’ beard. but I was really impressed with his dedication to the animals, he calls them passengers, that are in his care.

His mom asked him to start the business a few years ago and he decided to give it a go after being a diesel mechanic for 10 years. Colen spent a bit of time researching the best way to do it, sold his house, moved in with his parents and busted his ass growing the business.

He is now running two Mercede-Benze Sprinter vans and occasionally a trailer if there are enough passengers. The dog crates are stacked up so that there is easy access to each crate and there are two drivers per trip. One drives while the other sleeps and takes care of the needs of the dogs.

They even take pictures of each owner with their new dog. There are some great pictures on their website. Colen and crew also transport personal pets, so check it out for more information.

When I was looking through all the pictures of the rescued dogs in the arms of their overjoyed owners it made me think of the old adage – one mans trash is another mans treasure. It’s one thing when it is an inanimate object, but so much more meaningful when it is a living being.

A big thanks to all the rescuers, transporters, animal control workers, owners, vets and supporters that make a loving life for the unwanted possible!






3 responses to “Day 369 – Dog Transport Business”

  1. Kat Davis Avatar
    Kat Davis

    BEST transport company in the country!! Hands down! Great video, excellent job everyone!

  2. Deb Davis Avatar
    Deb Davis

    Awesome…in with God’s Dogs Rescue. ..we love PWB…could I have been wearing any brighter a tshirt…lol

  3. Carrie Brister Avatar

    We work with Gods Dogs Rescue to get as many of the babies out of this area as possible. San Antonio is running out of good, responsible owners. PWB makes all this possible.