Day 371 – The payoff of dog rescue

Tonight as we were sitting next to the fire Patricia got news that Gumdrop and Pounce had safely made it to their owners in Washington state. She was so relieved and happy that I had to get it on camera and show you all. It’s a lot of hard work to rescue a dog and place it with the proper family. Seeing the smiles when they get their new dog is golden!

Here are some emails Patricia got over the next week…

Hi Patricia,

I thought you would enjoy these photos of your god daughter-  She’s a great dog, affectionate and very smart! We have become fast friends; me the ball and Pounce.  Take care and thank you so much for sharing this wonderful dog.




Hello Patricia,

Gumdrop (or FLora) is becoming more of herself this week.  She runs around the yard and loves walks.  We have some funny questions:1)  Did you wear a wide brimmed sun hat while working on your ranch?  She seems to some toward women wearing wide brimmed hats and really jumped on me with happiness when I wore my gardening hat.  2) Dis she have a white soft stuffed animal type toy?  She is attracted to our cats’ white fluffy mouse tpy, my daughter’s white lamby stuffed animal and my other daughter’s white socks.  Funny.  We just gently take them out of her mouth and say “leave it” and put them away but I was thinking we need an alternative toy for her to give her once we take these high value items away.

We have started obedience lessons with me and the girls.  Gumdrop is smart!  She is so smart she can be a bit stuborn.  She loves other dogs and walks but is still getting used to our girls and other children frighten her but with time I am sure she’ll get over that.  I tell her “NO” strongly and make her sit if she barks at them and give her treats when she sits calmly watching them.

We are sure enjoying her!!!  We think she is part Australian cattle dog and jack russell but who knows.  She is a happy lucky girl.







2 responses to “Day 371 – The payoff of dog rescue”

  1. Penny Avatar

    After all the care and work Patricia has put into caring for the dogs, it is great that she can see the people who give them a home.

    1. adampomata Avatar

      And it’s really nice to see how happy Patricia gets because I see a lot of the times when she is really stressed out and tired 🙂