Day 376 – Kerrville to Lost Maple State Park

Last night was the third storm while sleeping in a tent! Grrrr. I wasn’t even planning to put the rain cover on, but I’m glad I did because it was a doozy. I slept through a lot of it, but did wake up long enough to shoot some video for your viewing pleasure.

After spending hours drying everything I left for Lost Maple State Park. I was almost out of Kerrville when I heard a snap and the sound of my trailer dragging on the ground. The small bolt on the trailer broke again like it did in Jacksonville, NC on Day 025.

Thankfully it happened on a quiet street and in front of a Shawn’s house. He happened to be out front and offered his assistance, but I told him I was good. I take pride in being able to get myself out of every problem that’s come-up so far.

Shawn is a professional painter (I was for a short time in college) so we got to talking about painting and the crazy conversations that painters get into. Also about the strangeness of painting interiors and getting to see a whole lot more of a customer’s life than they probably realize. He told me one story about a wealthy older lady that liked to wear lingerie and place her self into compromising positions when pointing out her various painting needs. Ah humans 🙂

Right after Kerrville is the quaint town of Ingram. There is a loop off the main road that brings you into the historic part of town. I was getting hungry and saw a bbq food trailer, Our House, Texas BBQ, and decided to stop in for some fried catfish with all the fixings. The owner Tonya told me to check out the shop she shares the land with while I waited for it.

One foot in the door and two friendly dogs came up to me as I gaze around at the home furnishings and art that’s packed into the store. A combination of fabricated furniture, antiques, art, jewelry and various other bits of Western-ish themed decore. Darrin the owner and I got to talking and I really got to like him. He lives in the store and there is an attached shop where he does wood and metal fabrication. His residence and the store blend together in a warm inviting way. Towards the middle past a long dinner table covered in items for sale was his kitchen complete with yellow squash and zucchini waiting to be prepared on the butcher block. It seemed so natural.

There is a suspension bridge over the top that he helped design and build with his young son, Tate. Connecting one part of the upper floor to his son’s room. He made him figure out all the material costs to stay on budget with the project. Tate also has his own table of items to sell. I really liked the idea of engaging young people that way. Get them to take responsibility and do stuff for themselves.

Darrin’s friend Rod came into the store and we got to talking to the point that I forgot all about my food. Turns out they are both friends with Tonya so Rod went and got it for me. Darrin cleared off a place on his dinning/display table and I savored some delicious fried catfish, hushpuppies, beans and coleslaw right there in the middle of the store. The three of them (pic) seem to have a warm and sarcastic relationship and I ended up staying a couple of hours talking with them. It was a very enjoyable time.

It was getting late and Lost Maples was a good ride away so Rod offered me a bed for the night. I politely declined because I wanted to make some miles after getting off to a slow start with the trip. Thanks for the offer Rod and thanks to the three of you for your warm hospitality.

Anyone near Ingram should check out Darrin’s store Copter Cactus and be sure to get some grub from Tonya. If your lucky Rod will also be there and he just might tell you about the time he spent hauling exotic animals around to zoos in the US.






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  1. Alan Bundy Avatar

    Ah…its so good to hear the stories about real life in different places. I remember rain and flooding…but I’d rather forget it.

    Travel safe my friend