Day 382 – On my way to Seminole Canyon I meet Shawn and his electric bike

Of course it didn’t rain last night since I was staying in a motel room. Grrr!

This post has a video of me talking a lot more to camera about my day so the writing will be brief. I’m getting content up faster so less attention to editing polish. Let me know if it is interesting to watch

Once I got across Amistad Reservoir I ran into one of the inland boarder checkpoints John told me about yesterday. I’ve learned to expect stern questioning from a humorless boarder control agent. In this case I road up to two guys standing leisurely under an awning and the only thing said was, “it’s hot today” as both a question and a statement. I said I’d pay each of them $10 if they made the heat go away and they smiled.

Lessons learned – just because you make it across the boarder doesn’t mean you’ve made it across the boarder, cyclist are a low enforcement priority and trying to bribe boarder agents will not get you arrested if you ask for the correct bribe.

In Comstock I stopped for a sandwich and some beer and when I was almost finished in walked Shawn looking for some juice. The bar didn’t have any so he got what I had, one of the best beers in Texas, Shiner Bock. He found that he liked drinking beer and planned to do more of it. Another convert!

Outside he showed me the electric bicycle that he built himself and is now taking on a tour around the outer states of America – Loop The U.S.A. to test out the design and learn how to improve it. He sells them so check out his site to learn more about the tour and the machine. He’s a fascinating fellow that has ridden in Europe, the Middle East and Africa