Day 387 – Marathon, TX

Today I held court in the courtyard with a bucket of ice, lots of water and my laptop to catch up on the blog. Check out the pictures, the owners have done a spectacular job making a garden oasis in a dessert.

Later I took a look around town and stopped in at the Gage Hotel – an upscale place that was originally built by Al Gage as him home and office when in Marathon. He had the largest ranching operation in the Trans-Pecos area according to the plaque affixed to the building. If you want luxury accommodations this is the place to go.

I saw a bunch of colorful building from a few blocks away and had to check them out. Turns out it was Eve’s Garden Bed & Breakfast. What started out as a 4 room house has grown into an array of guest rooms and a central garden complete with a solar heated lap pool. The majority of the new construction is made of papercrete. That is recycled paper, concrete, clay and sand formed into brick and then covered in an adobe style. It is easier to work with than traditional adobe construction due to the paper content and has good insulating value.

Kate started the bed and breakfast originally and her son Noble and Aline now work with her part time due to the growth of the business. I got a great vibe from the place. How great would it to open your bedroom door onto a garden?

While I was doing laundry I met Eileen from Keener, LA just West of New Orleans. She and her husband David are doing a bit of touring around the south and had me over for some delicious gumbo.

Thanks so much for the dinner and hospitality. I do feel lucky to meet folks so open and generous. That makes two free dinner in one town. Out of sight!