Day 392 – Hiking up Emory Peak for the sunrise

I got up at 2:30 am and hiked up Emory Peak @ 7,825 feet, the highest in Chisos Basin. I dozed on top of a granite spire, while waiting for the sun to come up. It was a lovely crisp chance to bask in moon lit solitude.

My iPhone timelapse didn’t do the event justice, but you get the idea.

I was blown away by all the birds doing their morning thing especially the fast flying sporty ones.






2 responses to “Day 392 – Hiking up Emory Peak for the sunrise”

  1. Penny Avatar

    Thanks for taking us to the top of the mountain to view the sunrise. That is a beautiful location. Too bad someone chose to put towers on the mountain top. Do you know how the solar energy from the panel is being used?

    1. adampomata Avatar

      The solar panel is to power the two-way radio equipment upon the peak that is used by the park service.