Day 417 – I make it to Arizona

Oh boy I made it to Arizona and slept out on a picnic table last night. I like this video because it shows how I often feel in the morning when I wake up – tired and disoriented.

I successfully used my flint and steel to start a fire – first time on the trip. The secret it to have really, really, really dry wood or not so dry wood and skill. I’m still working on the skill.

The downhill ride was awesome. I used an app on my iPhone called Hyperlapse to get the smooth looking footage. It uses the gyroscope to counter camera movement when processing the final video and makes it look like Steadycam(TM).

The final shot of the video is a straight piece of road 10 miles long and all downhill.

I am staying in Safford, AZ tonight. A dry place surrounded by lush green cotton fields. I know that it is the hottest time of the year, but it seems crazy to suck so much water out of the ground to grow cotton, which I hear is no worth much at the moment because of an oversupply in the world market.







One response to “Day 417 – I make it to Arizona”

  1. Penny Avatar

    Very cool video of your downhill ride, breath taking.