Day 426 – I made it to California!

Today I made it into California and just on the other side of the Colorado River I ran into Art riding his bicycle with trailer the other way. At the age of 77 he is a full time bicycle commuter. Every year he winters in Southern California and then rides his bicycle back to Arkansas. I love his set-up – functional and economical. He repurposed a child hauler with a large waterproof storage case he found to make a cargo trailer. I really like the make-it-work way of living.

Blythe is an Imperial Valley farming town.

I spent a few hours in Starbucks catching up on the blog and then found a motel room to get out of the heat. Staying in motels is really getting old. I’ve stayed in so many of them since leaving Texas because there are few Warmshower hosts and I need the AC. I’m increasingly looking forward to being done with my trip.