Day 433 – I made it to the end!

I slept like a rock last night after the long ride and pasta dinner from my hosts Donnie and Susan and was up and on the road my 7:30. First order of business was buying a bottle of sunblock. I’ve been doing really well with applying it and avoid sun burns, which is pretty good for being in the sun 8-12 hours a day.

I found a bicycle shop to buy new tubes for my trailer tires. The new ones are 3 inches shorter than the old ones even though they are both supposed to fit the same sized tire. Strange.

I made it 10 more miles to Laguna Hills and saw that my right trailer tire was wobbly. I thought one of the bolts was lose again, but it was actually the tell tale sign of disintegrating wheel bearings. I was next to an auto repair shop and they let me put my trailer in their garage as I rode around looking for something to fix it.

I tried both a bicycle shop and Home Depot, but neither had the right size bearing. I bought a Honda lawnmower wheel that would fit on the axle, but the size difference was comical. It was enough to ride a mile and half to a car rental company. I rented a car to drive the last 80 miles to Dan’s house.

It was a bummer, but I was also glad to avoid riding through Log Angeles.

I made it to Dan’s house by 7 PM and just in time to go with Dan and Michelle to see the premiere of Ant Man. Fun film, but could of used a darker tone in my opinion.

The day after tomorrow I am flying up to Seattle to stay with my dad while my mom is on her trip to Ireland with her sister.

Thanks for following me along on my bicycle adventure!






2 responses to “Day 433 – I made it to the end!”

  1. Penny Avatar

    Hooray and congratulations.

    1. adampomata Avatar

      Thanks mom for all your support – tell dad for me as well!